Biometric data and photo requirements for visa

The Embassy of France informs you that since December 2009 only biometric passport will be considered.

The introduction of such visas pertains to the implementation of a global security policy as regards travellers’ identity and travel documents. By securing the applicant’s identification, biometrics will facilitate the issuance of long stay visas as well as passenger controls upon arrival into the Schengen countries.

The Embassy confirms by the present note that Japanese nationals are exempt of visa for any stay in the Schengen area that does not exceed 90 days.

In addition, the following political figures are exempt of this procedure as well :
- Heads of State, members of government and their spouse, for any type of movement ;
- Members of official delegation of Heads of State when they are invited by a government of one European Union member states or by an international organisation for official purpose, and ;
- Sovereigns who had not yet been exempted and other members of royal families when they are invited by a government of one European Union Member States or by an international organisation, for official purpose.

Biometric data collection of applicants who have an official or a diplomatic passport are processed on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 11 am without the need for an appointment.

Photo Requirements for Visa Processing

- Since a separate visa is issued to each qualified applicant, an individual photo is required in all cases.
- The photograph of each visa applicant must be an unmounted full face photo, 2 by 2 inches square, either in color or black and white against a white background.
- The photograph of each visa applicant must be taken within the past six months.
- Sunglasses or other paraphernalia, which would detract from the face, are not acceptable. A photograph of a person wearing a head covering is permitted, provided that enough of the face is uncovered to establish identity. A photograph of a person wearing a traditional facemask or veil that conceals portions of the face and does not permit adequate identification is not acceptable.
- Digitally-altered photographs will not be accepted.

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