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The period from June to September is a very high peak period. As the number of appointments is limited, there may be more than one month to wait before the first available slot appears.

It is also recalled that a visa application can be lodged until three months before the expected date of departure.

Attention students : Do not confuse date of appointment and fixing the appointment. Do not wait until you pass the Campus France interview to secure your visa appointment.

You must book, online, an appointment prior to fill visa application. Please note that you need to book ONE appointment for EACH applicant.

  • You must book an appointment on-line : see below
  • An identification number will be issued at the end of the registration process.


You will be asked to show your identification number or your appointment ticket to enter the Visa section.

If you can’t print your ticket or lose it, you can print it later from a different computer (check "changing your appointment").

If due to a technical problem you were not able to write down your identification number, you can present your passport to be identified at the entrance of the Visa Section.

The Visa Section will not confirm any appointment or retrieve any identification number or appointment ticket.

If you have difficulties to access or to use the appointment system (displayed message “Erreur Apache Tomcat …”), please refresh the webpage, try again to have access, several times, at a different moment or from an other computer.

The Visa Section does not provide technical assistance.

For best results, make sure you have :

  • Internet Explorer (Windows), version 6.0 and latest versions with service pack 2 or Firefox, version 1.0 and latest versions, or Mozilla, version 1.7.8 and latest versions
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5 and latest versions to print your appointment ticket. You can download this version from Adobe website
  • allow pop-up windows (configuration of your web browser).


Before you start the registration process, make sure you have a pen and a piece of paper to write down your appointment identification number.

All applicants, booking your appointment - click here


The appointment system doesn’t allow booking multiple future appointments. If there is a mistake in your appointment information, don’t take another appointment without cancelling the previous one. The number of available appointment is limited, so please don’t block slots unnecessarily. If you have taken multiple appointments anyway, the Visa Section reserves right to cancel the unnecessary appointments, as well as fictitious appointments.


It remains possible to modify the date by following the same link (changing your appointment).


Please make sure to cancel the appointment if you change your plans by following the same link (changing your appointment).

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