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- Only applicants who reside legally in Japan for at least 3 months when the application is lodged can apply at the Embassy of France in Japan. If you are not a Japanese national, you will have to present your “alien card”.

If you are not a resident of Japan, please contact the Visa Section to explain your situation.

- In order to apply for a Schengen at the French Embassy, France has to be your main destination during your intended stay in the Schengen area. If you are staying longer in any other Schengen country or if the purpose of your stay in France is not the main reason for your stay in the Schengen area, your application has to be made at the Embassy of the country of your main destination (for instance : tourism in France for 5 days, then business meetings in Germany for 3 days => the application has to be made at the German Embassy).

- When France is your main destination, applications for Schengen visas must be made at the French Embassy in Tokyo only.

- Japanese birth and marriage certificates (koseki tohon) must bear an apostille from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and be translated into French or English. For civil status records issued by other foreign authorities, please enquire with those same authorities about the need for an apostille or a legalisation.

- Your biometric data (10 finger prints and photograph) are to be collected when you submit your visa application.

- The time taken for the examination of an application, from the day the application is submitted to the day the decision is made, depends on the type of visa you apply for. This processing time does not include the time taken to send back the passport by post mail. Please allow at least 10 days for any application.

- It is strongly advised that you lodge your application at least three weeks before your scheduled arrival date. Your visa application can be lodged up to three months before this date. If it is lodged less than two weeks before your arrival, the Embassy may not have enough time to process your application.

- The passport will be kept while the application is being processed. If you need your passeport in the 2 weeks following the date of your application, we suggest you prepone or postpone your application, if possible.

- All the documents drafted in Japanese must be accompanied by a French or an English translation. You can translate yourself your documents but it is strongly suggested to use an approved translation company. For all officials documents (civil acts, commercial acts, deeds, all kind of attestations or certificates …), it is strongly suggested to have the translations certified (in French only).

- All the documents must be presented in original with at least one photocopy. Only the photocopy will be kept with the file, the original will be returned to you. You will have to keep with you all the submitted documents that have allowed the issuance of your visa. The Visa Section does not make copies. If you don’t provide any copy, it will be considered that you don’t want to get back your original documents which will be kept into your file.

- All copies must be A4 size. Unless otherwise indicated, documents sent by fax or email are not accepted.

- The final decision to issue your visa will be based on the supporting documents you’ve presented. The Visa Section has no obligation to ask for missing documents. If a document is missing, it will be considered that you are unable to provide it, or you don’t wish to provide it.

- The Visa Section reserves right to request additional documents to the list of documents, or invite the applicant to an interview, depending on the situation.

- An incomplete application file can result in a visa refusal. However, a complete file does not guarantee the issuance of a visa.

- If you want to know if the decision to your application is made, please refer to the section of the Embassy website entitled “Is my visa ready ?

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